Writing Samples

From Redefine Magazine, a review I wrote about a TBA performance called Terrifying Women...

Terrifying Women

The video then culminated succinctly in a complete “what the fuck” moment which it would strain me to describe, so I won’t. After this, things generally degraded in quality in the way that a conversation between tired, drunk people might upon coming down from a drunken sugar-high... read more »

From God, LLC, my blog exploring different theological perspectives...

The Coming Technological Singularity

In a short essay that leaves an indelible impression, Virnor Vinge, sci-fi author, computer scientist and retired math professor, warns of a technological transformation that is about to occur, inadvertently casting doubt on all current conceptions of morality and human progress... read more »

Slayer, Nietzsche: No Appologies

Actually though, if one tunes their ears to all the anger-stricken yelling it's difficult not to acknowledge a resounding Nietzsche influence. One might imagine the philosopher's hopes of a more scholarly interpretation, but take the lyrics to "Darkness Of Christ" for example... read more »

The higher intelligence behind Doritos packaging

Snack foods may occupy the near-lowest totem on the hierarchy of consumed goods, but this does not stop Doritos from trying to offer me an "experience" beyond that of the game-changing, bold and daring flavor of their sensational flavored tortilla chips. Such fleeting, mere hunger-staving fulfillment is apparently limiting. And besides that's not what I paid 99¢ for, I wanted an EXPERIENCE!... read more »

Terwilliger "Mystery" Mural Inquiry

One discouraging aspect of this modern life is the complete lack of mystery. I don't mean those age old mysteries—why are we here? who made the world? who made the guy who made the world? why does stuff come wrapped in that inpenetrable hard plastic that cuts the consumer when he tries to open it with scissors? No, I'm referring instead to those little curiosities, those "mysteries" the solving of which, in a pre-google, pre-smartphone world, required physical-world sleuthing: a phone call, an arranged meet-up, a face-to-face interview, a brush with fellow man wherein a lead was captured requiring you to shimmy down that rabbit's hole into the very den of secrets where your little mystery was kept... read more »

From Xhurches, my website celebrating the creative reuse of disused churches...

The Old Church

Portland, Oregon’s The Old Church stands tall and with dignity. A taller city has grown up around it but still looks fondly down upon the 128-year-old church, built in the Carpenter Gothic style... read more »

Bike Temple

Do you believe in bicycles? Did your religious upbringing leave you disillusioned and reeling while longing for a community that understands? Bike Temple may be the perfect transition vehicle for you... read more »

Little Church

From the outside Little Church is delightful, adding a splash of small town picturesque to its idyllic surrounds. Everything from the quaint green bell tower, to the leaded glass windows, creme trim and brick-red door, combines to... read more »

From an exhibition statement explaining the ideas and symbolism behind Alien Nativity, an art installation at Xhurch, a repurposed church and arts venue in NE Portland...

Exhibit & Symbolism Alien Nativity puts the viewer at the center of its mythical narrative. Inspired in part by our shared interest in aliens and ancient alien civilizations and visitations, this unique production harnesses the classic kitsch of popular alien motifs, and merges it with the timeless tranquility of the Nativity of Jesus. The resulting scene is tactless and spectacular, but also explores deeper themes and layers of meaning.

Baby Jesus as "Initiated Self" The Mirror-Manger, and baby Jesus as "Self," bears a message of self-empowerment. This is YOUR life. The potential for immortality exists in YOU, just as it did in Jesus. To the artists, Jesus was a mortal. Most likely he was not divinely inspired, certainly not in the popular sense. He did however achieved a kind of immortality through his life's actions. He became an archetype. This can be no small feat. Surely it takes a life of immense dedication coupled with an incredible confluence of historical events to enact a Christ-like legacy. But there must be examples of the seemingly impossible to illustrate that the seemingly impossible can exist. In recognizing this potential in ourselves, we become empowered and simultaneously realize the terrestrial nature of Christ.

S/HE (aka Mary & Joseph, aka Marjo P-Orridge) The androgynous entities kneeling before the manger are future manifestations of Mary & Joseph. Gender roles are mutable and so our representative earthly caregivers are one-part Mary and one-part Joseph. As with each symbolic element of the nativity, much is open to interpretation. One interpretation sees the two figures as a total merging of two beings of opposite sex into a single entity, Marjo P-Orridge.

Alien Magi The Elementals, or four cardinal aliens (Air / Earth / Fire / Water) signify an intelligence that is further evolved than our own. They are the agents of higher consciousness, bearing molecular parcels, or 'gifts of self.'

The "Wise Men" are carrying with them the four essential molecules of life: carbohydrates, lipids, mucleic acids, and proteins... read more »